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Intern roles at Ascend

正规博彩网站排名ion Engineer

正规博彩网站排名ion engineers provide technical guidance on process matters for a manufacturing unit and work to improve process capability, manage capacity planning and maximize raw material usage. 正规博彩网站排名ion engineers also provide stewardship of safe operating conditions and high-hazard material management.

Background: chemical engineering

Process Design Engineer

Process design engineers provide innovative and cost-effective process design alternatives for consideration by Ascend's owners, leaders and business teams. This function also provides credible and creative process design packages for capital projects across the company.

Background: chemical engineering

Process Technology Engineer

Process technology engineers are responsible for the fundamental scientific knowledge and understanding in the process technologies used to produce chemicals intermediates for nylon 6,6 and specialty chemicals for market segments. These engineers focus on innovating to improve performance in cost, capacity and quality. 

Background: chemical engineering

Manufacturing Engineer

Manufacturing engineers support day-to-day operations with detailed process and technical guidance in the execution of scheduled production. They also identify, develop and implement process improvements by investigating and resolving process and product deviations and develop process changes to accommodate new products.

Background: chemical or mechanical engineering

Project Engineer

Project engineers team up with operations, maintenance and other engineering functions to produce a complete, 准确的, biddable and buildable set of plans. Their responsibilities also include scheduling, pre-planning, and forecasting.

Background: mechanical or electrical engineering

Maintenance and Reliability Engineer

Maintenance and reliability engineers provide technical reliability direction and focus on improving mechanical, electrical and instrumentation systems reliability through the development and implementation of predictive and preventive reliability strategies. 

Background: mechanical or electrical engineering

Environmental Site Safety and Health (ESSH) Engineer

ESSH engineers implement processes focused on prevention of injuries, illnesses and environmental impacts. They provide direction and guidance regarding compliance with the applicable environmental, 安全, security and health requirements and voluntary standards to which Ascend subscribes.

Background: environmental engineering and environmental science